Manny Pacquiao and Sean Payton help Krissy Kobata in search for bone marrow


By Leighton Ginn

The campaign to find a bone-marrow match for Los Angeles woman Krissy Kobata continues to attract famous supporters.

On Aug. 17, boxing great Manny Pacquiao and New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton tweeted their support of Kobata.

Pacquiao, the Boxer of the Decade and a senator in the Philippines, Tweeted out a link to the Asian American Sports Journalists story on Kobata, and followed up by Tweeting a link to Be The Match’s website. Be The Match is a national bone-marrow registry that also sends out kits for people to test themselves and register.


Also joining the action was Payton, who coached the Saints to the Super Bowl title in 2010, when they beat the Indianapolis Colts 31-17.

Payton is represented by agent Don Yee, who is a family friend of Kobata.

“Don Yee, my agent, with the help of Sports Task Force is spreading the word about Krissy Kobata,” Payton posted, along with the same link to the Facebook story.


The Sports Task Force, part of the Asian American Journalist Association, began spreading the word of Kobata’s search.

Half Japanese, half Caucasian, Kobata has been searching for a donor for a decade, but her ethnicity makes it difficult to find a match.

Yee, who established the Jimmie & Suey Fong Yee Scholarship in honor of his parents, asked the Sports Task Force to help share the story of Kobata’s situation.

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The group’s unofficial page, Asian American Sports Journalists, published a story on July 29 about Kobata. Through social media, the post had reached  51,805 on Facebook the morning of Aug. 14.

Later that day, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, also one of Yee’s clients, posted on his Facebook page about Kobata.

About an hour later, actress Chloe Bennet of ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. sent out five Tweets in a row about Kobata.

How Tom Brady’s Facebook post is spreading awareness for Krissy Kobata, who needs a bone marrow to live

Within 24 hours, Kobata’s Facebook post had reached over 1 million more people. Currently, the post has reached 1,170,526 on Aug. 17. There was also a story posted in USA Today’s For The Win.

To learn more about Krissy, go to

If you want to register as a bone marrow donor, go to




An interesting look back at Dinner for Five, pre-“The Force Awakens” episode


Before he directed Iron Man, Jon Favreau started a show on IFC called “Dinner for Five,” which featured four other stars or directors discussing business over dinner.

It was a fascinating look into the industry, because the stars let their guards down and gave insight into entertainment that you don’t get anywhere else.

With The Force Awakens coming next week, I was looking up stuff on YouTube, and ran across this episode that was really amazing. This was 10 years ago, and Kevin Smith was the guest host for Favreau. It has J.J. Abrams, the director of “The Force Awakens” and Mark Hamill, who played “Luke Skywalker” in the original “Star Wars” trilogy as well as the upcoming one.

This was at a time when Abrams was known more as a successful television producer with hits “Alias” and “Lost.” He was only just beginning to do big hit movies with “Mission Impossible 3” with Tom Cruise.

It was also after the second “Star Wars” trilogy, which Hamill was not involved in. But he had an interesting take on working with director George Lucas and where he thought Luke Skywalker was headed in “Return of the Jedi.”

Joining them is Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel and godfather of your favorite superheroes. And there’s Jason Lee, who I loved on “My Name is Earl” and was in “The Incredibles” as the voice of Syndrome.