Seth Rudetsky, who makes learning about Broadway fun, will bring his talents to The Chase

One of the best things about satellite radio is the diverse programing, and Seth Rudetsky is one of those guys who ads great value to Sirius XM.

He his “On Broadway” and “Seth Speaks” are a riot and the perfect remedy to escape the daily blahs, which was probably even more valuable during the pandemic.

What I liked most about the videos he had was how he campions a lot of these amazing artists. One in particular is Eden Espinosa. But once I saw her with Seth, I went down the YouTube rabbit hole to watch her .

Rudetsky will join a talented cast of entertainers at The Chase (formerly known as the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards) on April 9 at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

If you would like to watch Rudetsky, Espinosa, Deborah Cox, Max von Essen, Spencer Ludwig and host Michael Urie of “Ugly Betty” fame, you can purchase tickets at   

As a note, the Eden Espinosa rabbit hole is on another post. Here is Rudetsky with some really talented people below.

Also, go to the bottom to watch the beautiful benefit song that Rudetsky and his husband organized for the shooting in Orlando in 2016.

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