From ‘Ugly Betty’ to Netflix’s ‘Single All The Way,’ Michael Urie comes to Palm Springs to host The Chase

Michael Urie has gone from the assistant to leading man, and he comes to Palm Springs to host the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards to benefit DAP Health on April 28.

To purchase tickets or to learn more about The Chase, go to   

Most people discovered Urie as Mark St. James, the assistant to Wilhelmina Slater, played by Vanessa Williams. Urie was cast as a guest star, but his chemistry with Williams led to him becoming a regular and beloved character on the show.

And his most recent project was the Netflix holiday movie “Single All The Way,” as he graduated to leading man status. Above in the Drew Berrymore show clip, Urie talks about both roles.

Below is the trailer to the charming movie.

For those of you who forgot how great he was on Ugly Betty, here’s a clip of him with Amanda, played by Becki Newton

re several snarky clips of Urie as Marc St. James on Ugly Betty, but here’s a really lovely clip from the show that really shows his range.

And another great scene with his mother, played by the legendary Patti LuPone

And here he talks about how Vanessa Williams elevated his role on Ugly Betty.

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