My Coachella 2019 pick –Alice Merton

By Leighton Ginn

The best part of Coachella is catching acts just before they take off. Or catching a star as they ascend into legendary status.

This year, I think that act could be Alice Merton. I love her voice and her beats. I’m hooked.

But let me make something clear. She’s been gaining traction for a year. I think with her being at Coachella, I think it will bring a wave of momentum to elevate her even more. Her music is really good.

Her most popular song is “No Roots,” a catchy, moody song that has a great hook that sucks you in. She’s performed this song on the late night talk show circuit.

When I listen to this song, I just think it’s going to be amazing to her it live. It has the recipe to be a lot of fun.

But my favorite from Alice is “Lash Out.” I get giddy when the open guitar riff and then goose bumps anticipating the electricity her voice brings.

I’m posting this acoustic version that just got me geeking out.

It bums me out I won’t be able to catch her live at Coachella.

If you have a wristband, do not miss Alice Merton.

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