Make it a double of Gin Wigmore


By Leighton Ginn

If I were going to create a rock goddess, she would look and sound a lot like Gin Wigmore.

With a raspy voice, New Zealand songwriter has a sound that is both unique and timeless. There’s just something about her voice that has so much character and is expressive and revealing.

On stage, with the help of her electric backing band, they put on a fun show that makes you think, “this is what rock and roll is all about.”

And the way Wigmore contorts her body on very emotional songs, it echoes a little bit of Joe Cocker’s presence.

On stage, she has that ability to seem larger than life, and also incredibly vulnerable.

In music these days, there are some great and amazing lead women out there, and Gin Wigmore is out there among them.

The first time I saw Gin Wigmore was at the legendary Troubadour in West Los Angeles. The Troubadour is a place that had the likes of John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper and The Doors perform on its stage, and I felt like Wigmore might have stirred the echoes during her performance.

On April 27, Wigmore performed at the Neumos in Seattle. Wigmore had ended her American tour at the Troubadour when I saw her, and she is embarking on another US tour.

She remarked a few times about how the crowd is getting bigger, likely because of word of mouth.

Wigmore’s third CD, Blood to Bone, is available now. And she has a rich catalog of fun songs like “Black Sheep,” “Kill of the Night,” and “Man Like That.”

She ended the night with an incredibly beautiful and sad love song, “I Will Love You” that just blindsided me the first time I heard it at the Troubadour.

Gin Wigmore stirs up echoes at legendary Troubadour to end US Tour run

It’s a stripped down song, but sung with such emotion and heartbreaking lyrics that it left an impact that rocked me.

Watching her perform live a second time, it was so compelling just to watch her eyes and how they also tell a story as she sings. You admire the powerful emotions that went into the song. It’s pure, raw and a sight to behold.

When you walk away from the show, you felt like Wigmore is someone who lives boldly and feels deeply.





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