Long wait is over for Run River North

River Runs North 3

It was four years ago, while I was watching Jimmy Kimmel Live when I stumbled upon a band called Monsters Calling Home.

My initial thoughts was they’re Asian and they look so young. But then I heard the music and I was hooked. They played “Fight to Keep,” and they were terrific.

So I looked them up online, and I found their great story.

The band of young college-aged kids were struggling without a label. So they decided to do a video on their own and filmed it in a Honda.

The Honda corporation got wind of the video and booked the band to play at a convention. But it wasn’t. It was a surprise and they really booked them for Kimmel. It was great that I saw the performance first, because they killed it, and to do it, have the gig of a lifetime and to play so well, was incredibly impressive.

Great music, great story, I really thought they were ready to skyrocket.

But after the gig, they switched their name to Run River North and it seemed like they lost all the momentum they built from Kimmel and Honda. It was disappointing.

Four years later, I had been listening to XM and they’ve been really pushing Run River North. So a few days ago, I heard their latest song, “Run or Hide,” from their new CD “Drinking from a Salt Pond.” Again, they surprised me with their sound. Where  “Fight to Keep” was a classic folk song, “Run or Hide” is a terrific alternative song with a lot of energy.

I really love when you catch a great band at the start of their careers and you can see them take off. I really think Run River North will be one of those bands.

They kickoff their tour on March 1 at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles. For more information, go to http://home.runrivernorth.com/


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