Bryan Cranston and Jay Roach discuss origins of their latest movie, “Trumbo”

The origin of screenwriter John McNamara getting involved with the biopic “Trumbo,” started with a meeting with the writer of the Oscar-winning film “Roman Holiday,” when he was a film student.

But as McNamara was complementing Ian McLellan Hunter, who won the Oscar, he got a reply he didn’t expect. “I didn’t write “Roman Holiday.”

The real writer was Dalton Trumbo, the top screenwriter in the 40s and 50s. But Trumbo was also part of the Hollywood Ten, a group of writers and filmmakers who were blacklisted when they refused to answer questions from the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC).

Trumbo had to write screenplays under alias. Another one of Trumbo’s screenplays, “The Brave Ones” also won an Academy Award, but it was under the name of Robert Rich.

The Q&A took place on Nov. 15 at Cinemas Palme D’Or in Palm Desert, Calif., where Cranston is a part owner.

Bryan Cranston

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