Predictions and thoughts on 2016 Coachella lineup

Traditionally, Coachella announces its lineup in January, which also coincides with tickets going on sale.

So with roughly three months to go, here are a few things to look at as far as the lineup is concerned.

ADELE: It’s been a long time since Coachella has had a female headliner, and Ellie Goulding made some noise this week about the lack of female headliners. I thought Coachella could have broken the streak last year with Florence + The Machine, and with her monster summer, it looks like a lost opportunity. But Adele has been a monster and with her new CD due out soon, a performance at Coachella would be huge. The question is if Adele might not need Coachella. Who knows.

NWA: With the success of “Straight Outta Compton,” NWA would make a lot of sense to play at Coachella. The festival in the California desert has been expanding its offerings with rap and hip hop, and NWA would also fulfill its desire to have major reunions. But unlike other reunions, NWA has already had some performances, so they would be sharper than Outkast, which ended it’s seven-year drought, and showed a lot of rust.

PASSION PIT: The indie stars just played their LA stop in the last week of October. That puts it on schedule for a Southern California return in April. It would have made more sense to have Passion Pit play last year as it released its new CD. But Passion Pit has always played Coachella after releasing a CD and touring for a while. It’s unlikely they would be a headliner, but they are a strong addition.

WALK THE MOON: Not sure why they haven’t played Coachella yet. It seems like they would be a great fit. Maybe not a headliner, but definitely high on the poster. This year, they’ve hit a new high with “Shut Up and Dance,” which helped the Cincinnati band earn a best new artist nomination, among others, at the upcoming American Music Awards. Kind of unusual considering Walk the Moon has been around for a while.

CAGE THE ELEPHANT: A Coachella favorite, they have an exciting new CD coming out, working with Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, another Coachella favorite.

THE ARCHS: It’s Dan Auerbach’s band, so it would only make sense. The Black Keys were staples at Coachella, so Auerbach’s new project would be a welcome addition.


JEFF LYNNE’S ELO: Rock royalty, Jeff Lynne is putting out a new CD with his legendary band. The revival is in part of the huge reception they got in Hyde Park. In an LA Times article, Lynne said how much he hates being on the road. Coachella is perfect for reaching a large audience with minimal travel. What I have a hard time gauging is if ELO’s catalog is timeless enough to reach an audience and put them as a headliner. Roger Waters headlined years ago, and ELO would definitely fit the bill. It could be contingent on the success of their new CD, “Alone In The Universe.” If not, would ELO still play?

Here is the LA Times article.

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