Gin Wigmore stirs up echoes at legendary Troubadour to end US Tour run


When this blog shares the same name as Gin Wigmore, of course we’re going to review this show. And she lives up to the high standards of the first name (I have an extra N, but pronounced the same).

Gin Blossoms, you guys are on deck.

I had become a fan of Wigmore thanks to her big hits from her sophomore album “Gravel and Wine,” which is a brilliant title and gives a hint of her uniquely fabulous voice. The big hits I’m talking about are “Black Sheep” and “Man Like That.”

Admittedly, I didn’t know as much about Wigmore as her many adoring fans at the legendary Troubadour in West Hollywood. Wigmore has a much larger¬†catalog than I thought, and some impressive additions, thanks to her recently released third album “Blood to Bone.”

Her style is classic and raw, inspired my a multitude of genres.

Her presentation is pure 60s class. At times, listening to her voice, she reminded me of Shirley Bassey, best known for singing the theme song of three James Bond movies. I can easily see Wigmore selected to do a theme for a current Bond movie. But Wigmore also has a distinct punk vibe as well.

I could also see some Jim Morrison, and Amy Winehouse. I can see a lot of great stars that influenced her.

At one point, I was thinking about how she was stirring up the echoes of the Troubadour, where legends play. The Troubadour is known to be an important part in the careers of Elton John, Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, The Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Motley Crue and Guns N Roses.

Watching the show, I learned that she also voiced “Kill of the Night” and “Don’t Stop,” two songs I had loved, but didn’t know the artist until then.

“Blood to Bone,” is available for download after going on sale overseas. “New Rush” is the first single off the CD and it is another winner for Wigmore.

Throughout the night, Wigmore’s show was high energy fun. She kept saying how playing in Los Angeles meant a lot to her and it showed in her face and her performance.

Wigmore ended the night with another new song that was a big change of pace with the new song, “I Will Love You,” a love song that is dark, haunting and lovely all the same. It’s one song that still sticks in my head.

To me, Wigmore is another one of those performers who should be even bigger than she is in the US. Her songs are used in a lot of commercials, but her talent is so sublime that people need to talk about her more.

And on a personal note, I do hope Wigmore plays Coachella in April. Are you listening Goldenvoice?

I Will Love You

New Rush

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